Raw and subsidiary materials for food production is Only applied by the FDA approved products and products of equivalent standards of quality, we guarantee the safety by using GC(residual solvent meter) to take advantage of all food packaging praducts.

Cold/Frozen Food Packaging

There are various kinds of packaging material depending on raw material, processing, cooking method on the purpose of long-term preservation of refrigerated food.
- Features: Strong in shock and can be vacuum pecked, excellent protection against UV oxygen. Convenient to use when opening EPL(easy peel) film.
- Structure: [O-NY/PE(LD+LLDPE)] [PET(NY)/PE(EPL)] [Special film(sealant)]
- Application: Fried food, dumplings. fish products, ham/sausages

Retort Packaging

Convenient foods are retort processed foods, retort packing materials endure severe physical, chemical conditions and have very excellent quality conservativeness as compared to the packaging of instant foods and other packagings.
- Features: High barrier for humidity. oxygen. microwave oven
- Structure: [PET/NY/heat CPP] [PET/NY/AL/heat CPP]
- Application: Cooking food (curry, sauce, soup), meat products(hamburger, ham/sausage), processed seafood products(fish cake, crab sticks)

Liquid & Beverage Packaging

It is used for the packaging of liquid products such as liquid sauces, paste, and drinks. Barrier packaging is required for prevention of discoloration, incense of liquefied products due to leakage of liquid and oil.
- Features: Excellent protection against UV/oxygen, excellent product opening by applying LID fil
- Structure: [PET/PE/Special resin] [NY/SpeciaI resin] [NY/EVAL/PE]
- Application: paste(red papper paste, soybeen paste), sauces, beverages(coffee ,soft drinks, fruit drinks)

Flour & Seasoning Packaging

The packaging type for various kinds of spices, flour, water, sugar mill packages.
- Features: Excellent protection for external environment, easy to use with reusable zipper attachments, easy to open(easy tearing)
- Application: Flour, frying flour, spices, sugar, salt, coffee/tea

Agricultural Packaging

Uses the porous film to maintain the freshness of the vegetables and fruits.
- Features: Applying porous film to maintain freshness, using high transparancy film to check the freshness of the product
- Structure: [PET/NY/PE] [Paper/PE] [Porous OPP/PE] [OPP/CPP] [OPP/PE]
- Application: Dry goods, vegetables

Dehydrated Food Packaging

These types require Gas & Moisture barrier because they are distributed completely or in semi-dry type.
Also, these types use transparancy film to distinguish contents inside.
- Features: High protection, transparancy film used, effective moisture protection for 'fogging' film applied
- Structure: [OPP/CPP] [PET/PE] [K-OPP/Fogging CPP(PE)]
- Application: Beef jerky, semi-dried food(raisin), dried fish, and etc.

EPL Film Packaging

Applied container top film and general pouch type, designed to be easily opened.
- Features: Easy opening EPL(easy peel) film
- Structure: [PET/NY/EPL/CPP(PE) Container]
- Application: Pre-cooked rice, pudding(Petitzel), and etc.

Cold Seal Product Packaging

Prevents deformation of products by coating adhesive on the back side of the film. Productivity is excellent compared with others.
- Features: Adhesion is possible except heat, high productivity
- Structure: [PET/PE/VM-PET/Coating] [OPP/PE/VM-PET/Coating]
- Application: For food(especially chocolate bar types)


Ensuring the quality of all products by strict quality inspection(tensile strength test, dropping test, heat sealing strength test), We emphasize the convenience and practicality of a general pouch types with spout cap attached.

Household Supplies Packaging

Liquid type pouches have high strength about tearing and leakage and practicality is also high because the attached spout caps are reusable.
- Features: High barrier film applied on a powder detergent pouch is good to stop moisture from penetrating
- Application: Textile detergent, fabric softener, dish washing detergents, bleach, powder type detergent, and etc.

Medical & Cleaning Product Packaging

Medical packaging requires high attention sterilization and clean handling throughout all processes. We emphasize the perfection on sterilization process from beginning to end of the production to bring the highest quality medical packaging products.
- Features: Cost effective multi-functional packaging, high barrier film packaging about moisture such as alcohol and chemical drugs
- Structure: [OPP/CPP] [PET/PE] [PE PET/AL/PET/PE]
- Application: Wet tissue, condom packaging

Pet Food Packaging

Highest grade standards on food packaging are constantly applied to pet food packagings as well. We strictly apply GC(Gas Chromatograph) testing standards throughout the whole process.
- Features: Suitable for packing such as mixed meat, retort possibility
- Application: Mixed meat, ham, large and small sized food


We provide creative focused design to fulfill our customers' needs and enhance the marketing strategy.
The best design teams are ready to support our customers and to achieve the highest level of market competitiveness.


BDM (Brand Design Management)

We create the maximum design value by marketing oriented BDM strategy, and it can be achieved from thinking outside of the box and well understanding of market, consumer, and product.

Life Style & Design Trend Research

We suggest trend leading design by researching consumer's needs and market trends comprehensively.

IDC (Integrated Design Communication)

We are able to provide one stop design solution by operating multi-functional group of package design and visual/space design through total design management.

Creative Focused on Design Development System

We operate the unique design development system to provide the optimum result for any situation.
We not only cooperate with the best design companies at home and abroad but also put talented individuals in each position of design work, illustration, producing prototype, printing and mass production, quality control and evaluation etc.