Disposable medical gowns and drapes


Our Healthcare business was launched in 2012, and has been expanding the business since.

Our disposable medical gowns & drapes made with in-house produced nonwovens are suitable to protect inflection during surgical operations.

Products are manufactured and strictly controlled under the regulations of Ministry of Food and Drug Safety.

▶ Certificate : ISO 13485, GMP

   Factory - Process

Slitting process Needlework
Packaging process Sterilization process



▶ Excellent Blood Repellency

▶ Outstanding Bacteria Resistance

▶ Low Dust Occurrence

▶ Flame Retardant Material

▶ Comfortable to wear


By isolating the surgical site from the other areas of the patient’s body and nonsterile areas of the OR table, it can contribute to reducing the risk of surgical site inflection.

▶ Products
Surgical Drapes – 80 types
Surgical Gowns – 4 types
Scrub Towels etc..

▶ Sterilization

▶ Treated by Ethylene Oxide Gas



▶ Characteristics & Treatments

1. Bacteria Resistance

Multiple layers of fiber filters create a barrier for microorganism to permeate but maintain the sterilized condition.

2. Alcohol-Repellent / Anti-Static treated

Provides lint-free condition.

3. Flame Retardant and Flexible Material

Safe and comfortable to wear.

4. Excellent for E.O. gas to penetrate while dries quickly.